All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 1988 PCM has been engaging on campus at the University of Alberta to build and equip Christ followers. 


Our Mission

To build and equip believers that make up this community, so that they are prepared to follow Christ and lead transformation wherever they walk. To love the University of Alberta. Reaching in service and humility to impact the wider campus with the good news of the kingdom of God!

University of Alberta Motto:

Quaecumque vera
(Whatsoever things are true
– from Philippians 4:8)


University of Alberta Population:

  • 38,000 students
  • 28,000 from Alberta
  • 4,000 from elsewhere in Canada
  • 6,000 international students
  • 14,000 faculty and staff

University of Alberta Influence:

  • Top 5 among Canadian universities;
  • Top 100 worldwide
  • Graduating leaders in science, education, engineering, business, nursing, medicine, agriculture, and law
  • 243,000 alumni worldwide (over 77,000 living outside Canada) Annual impact on Alberta economy: $12.3 billion

Our Vision

Students Who Are:

  • Culturally engaged - employed outside the church
  • Disciples - Committed followers of Christ
  • Disciple-makers - Inspiring others to follow Jesus
  • Church planters - Forming disciplining communities